I’m Masha, let me start by saying, I get you because I WAS you. 

The overachiever, working in the male dominated finance industry in the city, moving at 1000x an hour and trying to juggle everything. I found myself constantly agreeing to take on more responsibility even though I was drowning, in a bid to prove to others that I was good enough, that I was WORTHY enough of their time and acknowledgement. 

I know what it feels like to never be present for your relationships, your life or yourself. Barely sleeping due to a work deadline and having a schedule so packed you can barely eat, never mind talk to loved ones. But that’s the sacrifice you’re willing to make, right? To neglect looking after yourself in the hope that just by achieving that next promotion or next big goal that everything will fall into perfect harmony and you’ll finally reach the end destination of what you’ve been working towards. 

But here’s the thing: There’s no end destination. And that’s not success… It’s suffering. 

And the suffering gets to stop right now. 

Hey Guys

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"This is a life altering gift that you will not regret."

I started working with Masha, precisely one year ago. Masha has been an integral part of my healing journey. I’ve worked with therapists, taken my own spiritual approaches, I was trying it all. Masha is the person who made a real lasting impact. I will never forget how immediately from our consultation call, she made me feel safe and compassionately humanized all that I was going through. She helped me feel confident that we could reach my goals. Not only did we reach those goals, but our work changed the trajectory of my life and I don't say that lightly.


"I highly recc working with Masha!!!"

Working with Masha has been life changing. I’ve done therapy before but working with a life coach, that too, in a group setting has been empowering and has allowed me to implement actionable steps towards my goals while feeling supported and accountable. The girls in my group have been amazing as well- we all come from different walks of life, but relate to each other and are so incredibly supportive!! My biggest takeaway from working with Masha was learning how to identify what state my nervous system is in, what my triggers are, and how to manage my nervous system.


"My experience with Masha was everything I could ever hope for. "

I started working with her at one of the worst times in my life when COVID hit and we were on a lockdown. That’s when my fear and anxiety really went to work and played with my mind. Each week I waited for our sessions and it was like Gods gift to me. It was fuel for my body until our next meeting. Masha was always accommodating in time for me and made me feel a little more alive after each session. She always understood me, my feelings and all that I was going through. 


"I look forward to every session with her because I always learn something new. "

I have been working with Masha for several months and she has been the catalyst for so many good things that have come into my life (though she will tell you that I did it all myself!). I tell my therapist about Masha and she absolutely loves her and has referred to her as an old soul. She is wise beyond her years. She creates a safe, nurturing environment for us. I never feel judged no matter how silly my issues are.  I am someone who thrives on having a coach or mentor holding me accountable, so getting to talk to Masha every week has been imperative for me to make changes.


"I completely feel like a different, more aligned and truer version of myself."

I came to her with crippling anxiety about my health and my future that could not be fixed despite the countless yoga, mindfulness meditations, self help books, or google searches. Masha has a true gift, and I feel thankful every single day that I have found a coach who understands me as much and is as invested in my personal growth and empowerment as I am.  Every session continues to be extremely valuable and brings new light, new goals, and new realizations that I carry with me months after. Investing in her coaching is one of the most valuable things I have ever done, and with it I also gained a life long friend.


"My experience with Masha was seriously life-changing."

 I feel constantly supported by Masha and the other group members, and I know I can always count on them for a safe space to share my inner thoughts. I have also not had an anxiety attack since I started working with Masha. She has given me the tools to manage my stress and think about how I react to things that happen in my life differently.  I have been mending my relationship with myself, which has allowed me to work on my relationship with others. I have created boundaries with myself and engage in much nicer self-talk, which has translated to boundaries with others and more empathy for those in my life.


"Having a safe space to speak on personal matters has been transformational."

I always thought no one could really get me to sit down and learn to find my inner tools since I’m always running a 1000 miles a minute - and THIS program was literally the reason I have been able to identify the things that personally work for me to regulate my anxiety & progress with my mental & physical health goals. The group setting really helped me feel supported, empowered, and accountable.  I definitely got better at boundaries and have identified coping mechanisms & established morning routines that have personally changed my life for the better.


"Masha is amazing and her personality along with her knowledge will open your eyes"

Masha is amazing and her personality along with her knowledge will make open your eyes to things you’ve never even considered or thought of! She is great to talk to! I have learned how to cope with my emotions, how to handle my anxiety and see things differently as opposed to one sided.

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